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Black Men & Women In Training LLC 


Outpatient group practice provides culturally specific services to patients/clients throughout their lifespan, from childhood to older adulthood.

Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement!

Hi as the CEO and founder for Black Men & Women In Training LLC better known as BMWIT a Mental Health and Wellness Group Practice is located in Multnomah County Portland Oregon.  Are you ready to start your training today?  as a mental health provider or a primary care provider? BMWIT look for you all to bring your A-Game.

Here at BMWIT we are committed to creating an environment that allows you to express yourself. We encourage you to give feedback to improve processes in the way we do things here. We feel your voice should be heard and taken into consideration. As the CEO there were many times, I felt that I could help improve processes and was not taken seriously. So, I enrolled into school earning my bachelor’s degree in healthcare and a minor in business. I held high positions and still was not given the opportunity to make changes in the way we do things. I was the only black woman in the room/classroom, and I stood out in every office meeting and in the classroom and felt like my presence wasn’t there.  I

decided to step out and create my own vision and now I own my own companies and have now opened doors to a mental health and wellness group practice that provides outpatient culturally specific services to patients/clients throughout their lifespan, from childhood to older adulthood. Now I am in the position where I can make changes and feel like I am heard, and I can hear others. BMWIT understands we all come from different backgrounds and that even includes the way we talk and interact with one another. I challenge you to open your hearts and mind to getting to know and understand that we all may be different, but we all look for the same treatment, which is showing respect, communicating effectively and appropriately to one another and being heard and recognized for all our hard work and given opportunity for growth and healing as we provide excellent patient care to all in our communities. I am proud to be an equal opportunity wellness group practice without regard to your color, race, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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Company Background

Black Men & Women In Training LLC, (BMWIT) was established in 2022 to support closing the health disparities gap for people of color,

by offering mental health awareness and wellness services allowing patients/clients to grow into thriving human beings.


We are a people of African descent formed outpatient group practice providing culturally specific services to patients/clients throughout childhood to older adulthood, focusing on community.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to support our clients first as they demonstrate love for self, love for their brother and sister, and love for life. By creating a

safe place and space to come and talk it out and have a productive

life, while embracing brotherhood and sisterhood.



Our providers with over 20 years of experience offering face-to-face and telehealth services to change health disparities and improve overall wellness in the lives of our patients/clients.


Patients/Clients can access mental health counseling and medication management from clinicians who look like them. We offer various therapeutic modalities and extended services through mentorship and advocacy support.






We provide trauma-informed, culturally specific, and patient/client-centered treatment plans for individuals, couples, families, and groups with various mental health diseases across the lifespan.


Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, PTSD, ADHD, Psychosis, Substance Use Disorders, Suicidality, Anger Management and Behavioral Issues, Grief, Parenting, Family Conflict, and Life Coaching.


Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), EMDR, Family Systems, Interpersonal, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic, Occupational, and Massage therapy.


We work with various community partners who can offer their services to those who might need Inpatient treatment, wrap-around services, advocacy/mentorship support, housing, employment, and tutoring.


Our Providers 

Mental Health 







Life Coach

Offering internship


Coming Soon

Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy   

Physical Therapy        


Primary Care Staff


Medical Assistant

Extended Services 

Sports Athletics (working the full body) helping athletics recover from a sport injury or enhance sports performance offering full body assessment.


Black Men & Women In Training LLC (BMWIT)


Business Office Hours, Days, Time 

SCHEDULING line open from 8am- 4pm (PST) Monday- Friday

Hours of operations 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday

Offering In-office visit and Telehealth

Schedule an appointment today! (971) 342-0117

Location: BMWIT NPI# 1588389563

5257 NE MLK Jr. BLVD STE 202 E

Portland, OR 97211



In-network or out-of-network and Uninsured 

All insurance is verified prior to appointment. 

Payment Plan available 

We do not accept. Cash or check  



Please send ALL correspondence to the Business Office Not to Any Providers.  


for the people by the people seen by US.

BMWIT RESOURCESES and its MEMBERS (URMBCSP) UR' Medical Billing Career Solution Program 

American Medical Billing Association and (URBS) UR’ Billing Solution LLC 



Four Major Parts

  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Office Administration 
  • Medical Insurance Verification
  • Mental Health and Wellness 
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